Enjoying a Smart, Safe and User-friendly Lifestyle

PLANET is quickly moving along the trend of utilizing Z-Wave Plus to enhance its wireless IP-based solutions. For example, PLANET Z-Wave Wireless IP Gateway can help expand the network of Z-Wave Plus devices that can be monitored and controlled. It thus makes home automation realistic in the way that security, monitoring, access control management, energy efficiency, and more can be fully implemented by PLANET Home Automation Controller, recently launched. It then allows home users to monitor and control a wide range of smart home applications.

Compliant with international standard protocols including Z-Wave Plus, IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet, SIP 2.0 for Voice over IP and H.264 video codec for IP Surveillance standards, PLANET Industrial Wall-mounted 802.3at PoE Switch and Z-Wave Home Automation Control Gateway enable home users to deploy a home automation network flexibly and easily based on Safety & Security, IP Intercom, and Management & Control.

Safety & Security

Home users can build a secure IP surveillance environment via standard H.264 PoE IP cameras for video recording and Z-Wave sensors to monitor every corner of the house.

• Door Lock

With Z-Wave door lock, your parents or guests can go to your house even though you are away from home. You don't need to give extra keys to them or ask them to wait outside your house. Besides, home users can install IP camera on the doorway to capture surveillance video so that the security of home entrance can be enhanced.

• PIR / Motion Sensor

If you have to temporarily leave your baby, the Z-Wave PIR / Motion Sensor is a good helper for you to detect the entire baby room. If the baby makes a dangerous move or something drops, the PIR / Motion Sensor will trigger the alarm and send the message to you immediately.

• Multi Sensors for Doors and Windows

Even though you are not at home, you can still set Z-Wave multi sensors on your closed doors and windows. Once your doors or windows are opened, the sensors will trigger the alarm and send the message to you. Besides, you can know the current status of your home like temperature, humidity and brightness through the device.

• CO2 / Smoke Detection

Z-Wave CO2 / Smoke Detector can automatically detect CO2 / smoke in the environment and trigger the alarm if the CO2 / smoke concentration exceeds the standard.

• IP Cameras

Through the IP cameras, you can monitor any space of your home like doorway for visitors, study room for children, kitchen for stewing the soup and front yard for stranger trespassing.

IP Intercom

PLANET IP Intercom provides the home users with enhanced safety and security of home entrance. When you are at home, you can see the video from doorway through Home Automation Controller first instead of opening the door directly. If you are away from home, you can still monitor the video through Home Automation app or even talk to the visitors if needed. After the visitor identification is confirmed through the video, either Home Automation Controller or Home Automation app can be used to unlock the door, thus making your lifestyle more secure and convenient.

Moreover, PLANET IP Intercom can also connect with IP PBX, video phones and IP phones that adopt standard SIP 2.0 protocols to not only make FREE phone calls via the Internet but also manage all extensions easily.