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WGSW-24040 / WGSW-24040R
L2+ 24 портовый Gigabit Ethernet коммутатор с 4 комбинированными гигабитными TP/ SFP портами
Cost-effective IPv6 Managed Gigabit Switch Solution for SMB Cost-effective IPv6 Managed Gigabit Switch Solution for Enterprises PLANET WGSW-24040 series is a Layer 2+ managed Gigabit Switch that features 24-Port 10/100/1000BASE-T + 4-Port Shared 100/1000Base-X SFP and supports static Layer 3 routing for enterprise-level network. The abundant L2 / L4 switching engine offered by the WGSW-24040 series performs effective data traffic control for enterprises and VoIP service providers, video streaming, and multicast applications. Providing user-friendly but advanced IPv6 / IPv4 management interfaces, it is well suited for backbone and workgroup network applications by providing affordability, high performance, and stable transmission quality.