Letter from Chairman & CEO

Since its founding in 1993, PLANET has devoted to the research and development of professional networking and communications equipment and solutions under its own brand “PLANET”, which has played a big role in marketing globally for more than 20 years. PLANET has become one of the leaders of networking and communications solutions in the global market whose brand territories have now covered over 140 countries on five continents. Besides our daily business, we have implemented the responsibilities of global citizen including environmental protection and care to the vulnerable groups in the society. Social responsibility has turned into our company's corporate DNA, strengthening the foundation of the company’s sustainable development.

In this rapid changing and intense competitive tech age, PLANET continues to put its efforts on innovation to provide high-quality, high value-added networking and communications products and solutions to all sectors such as homes, businesses and industrial environments. In addition, we develop environmentally-friendly products, hoping to help save energy consumption worldwide. Thus, our innovative products once again were awarded “Taiwan Excellence” in 2013 for 10 consecutive years, giving the company a niche in branding competitiveness.

Furthermore, we strictly follow the environmental policies and maintain the quality of environmental management. We have implemented “Green Procurement” and "Green Action Plan" to improve the energy-saving in our office. The company has again obtained the ISO 14001 certification and was certified as the “Smoke-free Workplace” for the first time in 2013. Caring about the communities, our employees also work together to help protect the clean water resources of the greater Taipei area by funding the organic tea plantation in the upstream of the Feitsui Reservoir and to serve as volunteers of the organic tea plantation on weekends.

We have extended corporate management into social participation and contribution for the last decade. “PLANET Educational Charitable Trust,” which was founded in 2004, has integrated different resources and capabilities including school facilities, teachers, and community volunteers to provide the disadvantaged children with psychological counseling and remedial education. Moreover, PLANET employees also volunteered to give after-school care for urban aboriginal students to show the disadvantaged students love as well as give them hope to learn and grow.

We sincerely appreciate the supports from our employees, worldwide distribution partners, suppliers and shareholders. PLANET has been awarded many CSR recognitions from local government and media for its continuous contributions to social responsibility over the years. The company was again awarded “Excellence in CSR” by CommonWealth Magazine in 2013 (award recognition for seven consecutive years since 2007). Such support recognitions inspire us to keep enhancing corporate performance in all aspects to bring full satisfaction to our employees, shareholders, suppliers and partners, and creating higher corporate value.